Comes With These Great Tools At No Additional Cost.

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Post Jobs. Accept applications.
Use our enterprise platform to track staff requests for time off.

Our StaffSmart feature allows centers to post jobs, review profiles and send connection request to qualified candidates. We advertise jobs on major job boards to drive qualified candidates to our site to register. .


Let families apply for your program online in minutes and then check in for their appointment using their mobile phone. This is a convenient way to verify that they came to your facility, took a tour and agreed to your policies!

Enrollsmart attendance can even be used for day-to-day check-in, or to manage sick child tracking and pickup.


Don't let customers walk away leaving a balance. It hurts the childcare industry. Report it.

Enrollsmart, is a way for providers to work together to avoid financial losses from parents who leave balances and, do not honor parent-provider contracts. In 2017 alone, we estimate that the childcare industry lost $1.2 Billion in uncollected childcare fees.

TRICKLE is a nation-wide database that collects customer reviews for parents while warning other providers of outstanding balances a new parent may have.

a TRICKLE search is triggered each time a parent registers at our homepage.

If TRICKLE finds a review or outstanding balance from another provider, you will be alerted, automatically. TRICKLE is providers helping providers. Send every new family to our homepage to register.

Before accepting a new family, search TRICKLE from your Enrollsmart dashboard to see if there is an outstanding balance or policy violation reported by a previous provider. Use TRICKLE to rate customers. This helps you and other providers.


Tuition Payments at our mobile website. FREE 

Our online payments portal allows providers to pass the convenience fee through to their customers.

GALLOP comes with year-end payment summaries prepared for parents.

We give providers their own payments page to direct customers to, where they can pay from desktop or mobile, for quick, convenient payments.

Rather than locking you down to a specific payment processor, our system integrates with the most widely used payment processors, including:

-PayPal Pro
-PayPal Payflow
-Sage Pay