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Post Jobs.
Access Qualified and Experienced Candidates. Add Video Interviews. Enterprise Software. Clear Pricing.

With our deep childcare experience, we only allow candidates with any of the following or related backgrounds into our staff database: CDA, CNA, CPR/First Aid, Nursing, Early Social and Emotional Growth Training, Infant Safe Sleep Training.

Our candidates are also willing to accept assignments of different lengths (full-time, part-time, on-call).

We then use video interviews to rate candidates; giving our communities access to experienced, flexible and serious workers.

Post jobs that go directly to rated candidates who have the experience and/or childcare credentials you're looking for. Be ready for staff vacation time and call-offs with our StaffSmart mobile app for your center.

Our unique system is also more affordable and effective than posting in general job boards.
You can also submit backfill requests to our backup staffing communities in these states:



Get the best staff. Reduce hiring time and staff turnover. Use our VIDEO INTERVIEWS as a powerful tool to save time and money on hiring.


Electronically Verify Visits (EVV) for required physicals and immunizations. Collect Subsidy Payment Signatures. Collect Late Pickup Fees. Manage Operations.

PIVOT is our ground-breaking daily attendance tracker and EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) technology that verifies medical and immunization appointments for children and staff in licensed childcare settings. PIVOT also automatically collects late pickup fees from parents and, collects subsidy payment signatures at each check in/out.

PIVOT is fully compatible with Procare, Brightwheel and other childcare administration systems. Or, you can use it on a stand-alone basis.

PIVOT has been proven to reduce communicable illnesses in childcare centers by as much as 50% and, is the new quality standard in childcare. Additionally, the average childcare provider using paper or childcare systems WITHOUT PIVOT loses $10,000 in late pick up fees and over schedule charges each year.

Geolocation and hospital/clinic signatures verify health visits and immunizations. Mobile Phone Sign In/Out. Every-time Signatures for Subsidy Payments Compliance. Automatic Collection of Late Pickup Fees. Compliance-friendly reports.

With PIVOT, there is no need to chase parents for subsidy compliance signatures or late pickup fees because (actual)parent/guardian signatures, geolocation and IP address (computer/phone identifier) are captured at each sign in/out.

Any licensed childcare provider (Centers, Home-Based, Before/After) can use PIVOT free.


Don't let customers walk away leaving a balance. It hurts the childcare industry. Report it. $120/yr.

TRICKLE, is a way for providers to work together to avoid financial losses from parents who leave balances and, do not honor parent-provider contracts. In 2017 alone, we estimate that the childcare industry lost $1.2 Billion in uncollected childcare fees.

TRICKLE is a nation-wide database that collects customer reviews for parents while warning other providers of outstanding balances a new parent may have.

a TRICKLE search is triggered each time a parent registers at our homepage.

If TRICKLE finds a review or outstanding balance from another provider, you will be alerted, automatically. TRICKLE is providers helping providers. Send every new family to our homepage to register.

Before accepting a new family, search TRICKLE from your Enrollsmart dashboard to see if there is an outstanding balance or policy violation reported by a previous provider. Use TRICKLE to rate customers. This helps you and other providers.


Tuition Payments at our mobile website. FREE 

Our online payments portal allows providers to pass the convenience fee through to their customers.

GALLOP comes with year-end payment summaries prepared for parents.

We give providers their own payments page to direct customers to, where they can pay from desktop or mobile, for quick, convenient payments.

Rather than locking you down to a specific payment processor, our system integrates with the most widely used payment processors, including:

-PayPal Pro
-PayPal Payflow
-Sage Pay