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Post Jobs to Qualified Candidates.
Build a backup teacher system.
Save Time & Money.

How it Works

It's simple. We're continuously building a community of qualified candidates only (ECE, CDA, CNA, Childcare Training, Nursing) who register their profiles in our system. You use our technology to post jobs, send connection requests and hire. You save time and money, and have more peace of mind.

Add video interviews to make better, faster hiring decisions.

We post jobs in areas where our clients are located to build "pods."

Our technology does the rest.

Video interviews can be used for full-time or substitute positions.

Review Videos at Your Convenience

Review and rate candidate videos at your convenience. Set your own Custom Childcare Related Questions to identify high-quality candidates. Rather than wasting time with no-show interviews, or candidates that aren't the right fit, you can move fast to find the right individuals for your position.

Recruit Substitute Teachers

In StaffSmart, build and maintain connections with Substitute Teachers that you would like to be in your substitute pool.

Manage Staff Absences

One of the biggest aids in retaining your full-time staff is giving them the flexibility to take time off and/or sick days.
When your staff uses our system to request time off, the request to fill their shift goes to the substitute teachers you have connected with. As Owner/Director, you can also schedule substitute teachers manually.

Create and Post a Culture Video

Do you have the kind of center that attracts high-quality candidates and people who want to substitute?

Attract the best candidates through recording a culture video and posting it to our interactive map, so that potential substitute teachers can get a feel for why they want to work in your facility.

Bring your center to full capacity with confidence.
We have the best childcare candidates. Stop counting in ratio so much. Enhance your center's culture and give your staff the ability to take time off.

Get Started Now

Rapid Staffing Technology

Owners and Directors who use our technology are able to staff more quickly, get better candidates and build quality and profitability, because they can achieve full capacity.
With adequate backup staff, there is less risk of turning customers away.

Video Interviews

When teachers create their profiles, they also complete a video interview with several childcare related questions. This allows you to get an idea of whether or not they would be a match with your center.

Candidate Ratings

You can rate candidates, so that the pool of substitutes is highly qualified for childcare work, and you have the assurance of having access to backup staff when you need it.

Sign up NOW. Just $100 Down + $1/day for each center.

The EnrollSmart Community is working to improve the childcare and ECE industry. Our technology is used by Licensed Centers, Home Based Providers, and Before and After School Programs.


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