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Enrollsmart is a childcare provider community that operates in a technological framework. Our Community was started to address the unique childcare challenges that only technology can solve today.

To achieve this, our free technology can be used on a stand-alone basis or, it can be integrated with childcare technologies a provider may already be using (Procare, Brightwheel, etc.).

Our technology targets the following areas: Labor Reliability, Attendance Tracking, Balance Dumping (parents leaving balances and "hopping" to another provider), the Lack of Affordable Tuition Processing Options available to smaller providers, Parent Engagement and Data/CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

By connecting childcare providers in a technology framework, our goal is to give them the ability to work together to improve the quality of the childcare they deliver while improving quality of life for childcare workers.

We welcome all licensed Childcare Centers, Home-Based Care Providers and, Before and After School Programs to our community.

Based on over eighteen years of childcare center ownership and advanced technology experience, we know first hand the challenges that are nearly universal to childcare providers.


Independence, MO 64052


Phone: (260) 227-3953